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2011 Summer Study Abroad

posted Feb 7, 2011, 7:26 PM by Web Master
I was reading the Student Lawyer Jan issue, by the ABA, and they have a 40 page spread on summer study abroad programs. Of that 40 pages, 3 programs were related to health law (and one of them is restricted to being a student of the hosting school). With such limited selection, I thought I'd post the two options here for anyone who might be interested.

First: Health & IP Law in the Global Environment (4 credits), hosted by Seton Hall University, located in Geneva, Switzerland. This program is June 20-July 27th; deadline April 15th.
More info:

Second: Comparative Health Law ( credits), hosted by Quinnipiac University, located in Dublin, Ireland. This program is May 23-June 23rd; deadline April 1st.
More info:

Any questions can be referred to the websites listed above.