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2011 Summer Study Abroad

posted Feb 7, 2011, 7:26 PM by Web Master

I was reading the Student Lawyer Jan issue, by the ABA, and they have a 40 page spread on summer study abroad programs. Of that 40 pages, 3 programs were related to health law (and one of them is restricted to being a student of the hosting school). With such limited selection, I thought I'd post the two options here for anyone who might be interested.

First: Health & IP Law in the Global Environment (4 credits), hosted by Seton Hall University, located in Geneva, Switzerland. This program is June 20-July 27th; deadline April 15th.
More info:

Second: Comparative Health Law ( credits), hosted by Quinnipiac University, located in Dublin, Ireland. This program is May 23-June 23rd; deadline April 1st.
More info:

Any questions can be referred to the websites listed above.

Morgan's Research

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At some point over the last few months, I have been researching networking opportunities. There are great opportunities to attend a conference or CLE or seminar across the country. Conference/membership fees are usually removed or reduced for students. Attached are documents for one conference that I found, hosted by the American Health Lawyers Association at the end of April in Baltimore. The student membership to the AHLA is nominal, and the conference fee is significantly decreased for students (see excel attached).
Basically, you have to apply for reimbursement from many sources to get it all covered, They all require original receipts, but duplicate original receipts are ok if you're asking more than one office. (Many businesses can easily give duplicate receipts if you ask right at the transaction point.)
HLI doesn't have a policy for reimbursement, but I was talking to Director Jesson about helping with conference fees that CSO has limited reimbursement for (Dec 2010). Dir. Jesson is now with the state gov't, so I'm not sure what or if or how in regard to the HLI at this point. If you ask, the worst they can say is no, right?
Keep in mind you are looking for something over the summer, some of these options for reimbursement have limited accessibility during the summer and you might have to "float" the costs longer. Also, check with every office BEFORE you purchase and go to make sure that it is something they would cover and that they have the money left in their budget to do so. (HUSL budgets reset in July.)
Quick overview:
CSO: registration fees up to $150 per job fair (not per student)
SBA: half of costs up to $350, one per year, provide receipts, info from the conference and a 1 page write up about it
HUSL: travel that is related to either the mission of the organization or to an organization meeting or conference that relates to the student organization
HLI? registration fee that CSO doesn't reimburse?
I have decided to attend a conference hosted by the WashingtoState Society of Healthcare Attorneys to network with the lawyers I intend to join upon graduation. If you are looking to change states, I recommend you hunting out that state's specialty association and seeing if they have a conference/CLE/seminar for you to attend.

There is a conference at the end of next month in New Orleans (

at the end of May in Miami - Health Care Fraud

and also in May in Chicago - ERISA

Washington State Society of Healthcare Attorneys, early May

No worries, no obligations, please see attached and feel free to ask if you have any questions.
Good luck!

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